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Coaching through a Recession

It doesn’t take long to see or hear signs of an economic recession in the media, on social media, in your monthly balances or in client conversations. Some businesses are heavily impacted, others not at all. Wikipedia states: “In economics, a recession is a business cycle contraction. It is a general slowdown in economic activity.”

Alright, so a business cycle and general slowdown is what the above statement is saying. If we are seasoned in business, we understand and have witnessed business cycles; monthly and annually. If we have chosen a naive eye towards these cycles, then we are at fault. If we are aware of these cycles and are still impacted, then yes, our boat is taking on some water. Ideally, we are immune to this “general slowdown” and if you are, I congratulate you.

I survived (barely) one year of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan back in 1997. My boat took on too much water. Hated it. Switched. Moved on. Learned from the experience and altered my educational pathway. My youngest brother is a successful Mechanical Engineer; having mastered the same courses I had difficulty with. Lots of oil and gas Engineers and firms are impacted; others, like the business my brother is involved with, are thriving. I know for a fact, the ones that are thriving have invested in business and employee diversification and Coaching for their intermediate and senior Executive teams.

Coaching is invisible. Strength-gain and weight loss programs are invisible. You have to believe that the person in front of you has something to offer and enhance your current situation. Some individuals (whether in a recession or not) have a mindset to only invest in tangibles and consumables. Period. Consumerism leads us toward buying, accumulating and storing. This is the chief and most defining moment in a person’s career or life; when they decide to invest in the invisible mindset shift to gain Awareness, Understanding and calculated Implementation models.

If your business or career is recessed, now is definitely the time to invest in Coaching. Not in six months or when ‘business picks up’. Our embryonic mindset is to protect our security. I get this, I am of no difference personally or professionally. However, I do know that when we have a little more time and availability on our hands, now is the time to invest in visionary ideas, strategic planning, education and idea generation with a partnering Coach. A slowdown is the perfect time to enhance your skillset and mindset.

You know the tangibles of you business; I can help with the vision and opportunity formation. If you stay focused on the ‘lack of’ in front of you, you will naively be swinging at the piñata blindfolded, on a boat, with your feet wet. Shift your mindset. Let’s move forward.

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Insightful, trusted and valued are the words that come to mind when I describe Garret’s coaching influence. Garret has a proven calm and patient ability to shift my thinking forward, even when I thought I had exhausted all options. I look forward to my Coaching sessions to connect with Garret’s perception and ideas both personally and professionally. He has a unique talent for asking the right questions, holding me capable and ensuring I have the tools to continue my momentum. I feel inspired and have regained the clarity I was seeking to help me focus on the most important aspects of my life.

- Rachel Mielke, CEO of Hillberg and Berk

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