An independent, outside perspective can be one of the most valuable assets a team, organization or Board of Directors can utilize to help Shift Forward their efficiency and momentum. Through facilitation, collaborative and constructive conversations commence to allow for strengths and diversity to merge.

Every person desires team symmetry. Challenging discussions can be hard to initiate. With the use of a facilitator, progress can be more easily achieved with a higher percentage of buy-in from all persons involved.

As an EXPEDITION Certified Facilitator I can administer and educate your team in the GUIDE Coaching Model, DIRECT Feedback Model, Coaching Through Change Model, Intentional Listening, Intentional Questioning, Coaching in the Workplace and Coaching Relationship Compass authorized by www.destinationleadership.ca

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Insightful, trusted and valued are the words that come to mind when I describe Garret’s coaching influence. Garret has a proven calm and patient ability to shift my thinking forward, even when I thought I had exhausted all options. I look forward to my Coaching sessions to connect with Garret’s perception and ideas both personally and professionally. He has a unique talent for asking the right questions, holding me capable and ensuring I have the tools to continue my momentum. I feel inspired and have regained the clarity I was seeking to help me focus on the most important aspects of my life.

- Rachel Mielke, CEO of Hillberg and Berk

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