The Dichotomy of Email.

Your daily routine now until death do us part, includes checking email.  You probably check your email before you get out of bed, feed your kids or even before your morning bathroom visit.  This says a lot about where the subconscious mind is being carted.  Or how about the multi-tasking, time-saving effort of checking and […]

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Coaching through a Recession

It doesn’t take long to see or hear signs of an economic recession in the media, on social media, in your monthly balances or in client conversations. Some businesses are heavily impacted, others not at all. Wikipedia states: “In economics, a recession is a business cycle contraction. It is a general slowdown in economic activity.” […]

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Professional Business Athlete

I don’t know if anyone would have a title of Professional Business Athlete. What would they do? What would that look like? The most elite of athletes have a rare shot of getting paid to perform in their sport as a professional. A recent study done by the NCAA Research department showed that approximately 1.6% […]

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Grass is Greener

It is a rarity to see the long-standing employee of 20 plus years of service anymore.  Instead, the conversation has an emoticon like effect of, “WOW, you’ve been working there for 10 years already! Why haven’t you moved on?” So why is it that the employable workforce is so transient? Why is it that one […]

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Insightful, trusted and valued are the words that come to mind when I describe Garret’s coaching influence. Garret has a proven calm and patient ability to shift my thinking forward, even when I thought I had exhausted all options. I look forward to my Coaching sessions to connect with Garret’s perception and ideas both personally and professionally. He has a unique talent for asking the right questions, holding me capable and ensuring I have the tools to continue my momentum. I feel inspired and have regained the clarity I was seeking to help me focus on the most important aspects of my life.

- Rachel Mielke, CEO of Hillberg and Berk

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