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The Entrepreneur’s Resumé

I am an entrepreneur. You may be, or wish not to be or are scared to be, an entrepreneur. Funny thing is, I think I’d be scared to be an employee. I don’t know if I could handle the confines of a work place where I wasn’t somewhat in control of my flow.

I have a good friend who successfully and proudly graduated from the RCMP training academy last month. He beams with pride and excitement about his future career and all that it offers. The biggest opportunity in his periphery are the options. Options to progress; be promoted, be part of a team, learn new skills, change disciplines; drug unit, canine unit, fraud, terrorism, etc are all within reach of any RCMP Constable.

Recently I spontaneously felt compelled to compile a curriculum vitae. A resume has not been a necessity in 14 years as I have consistently (and happily) been working with the same group of professionals. When I look at the unique but paralleled disciplines I have been trained in; Massage Therapy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Executive Coaching I can reflect on the successes and catalysts that have led me to these advancements. Options are plentiful for entrepreneurs, diversification is inevitable and necessary. Understanding the catalysts is key in developing our next transition.

Briefly looking back can offer an opportunity to leverage our successes for our next career or business move. When it is difficult to see forward through the fog of competitive career advancement, let’s look at how far we’ve come, where we’ve succeeded, where we’ve failed and then recovered. Also, this exercise can return the conscious mind to what ideas we’ve swept under the rug and where our ideal success may be.

I don’t need a resume, but I’m glad I made one. The human brain is so keen on remembering all the undone items we need yet to accomplish that it has minimal vacancy for beaming at what we have achieved thus far. Reflection on our success can ease self-created pressure and offer cerebral and neural pathways for new creativity to emerge.

I’m happy and proud with my personal and professional success thus far and by reviewing it on two pages of Microsoft Word, it excitingly offers new ideas to harness, leverage and collaborate all of my accomplishments into further business ideas. This is what the entrepreneurial resume taught me. Perhaps we should meet to review and extrapolate yours. Options are everywhere.

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Insightful, trusted and valued are the words that come to mind when I describe Garret’s coaching influence. Garret has a proven calm and patient ability to shift my thinking forward, even when I thought I had exhausted all options. I look forward to my Coaching sessions to connect with Garret’s perception and ideas both personally and professionally. He has a unique talent for asking the right questions, holding me capable and ensuring I have the tools to continue my momentum. I feel inspired and have regained the clarity I was seeking to help me focus on the most important aspects of my life.

- Rachel Mielke, CEO of Hillberg and Berk

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